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"We approach each case to establish correct

occlusion and optimal esthetics."







All custom abutments are Cad designed, in-house, using 3shape scanning technology.  All designs are quality controlled by a technician with the understanding of tooth morphology and aesthetics.  All designs are sent to the appropriate implant companies to be digitally milled in Titanium or Zirconium.  Gold Nitrating is completed by our own in-house Anondizer.


Through Custom Designed Abutments, we can achieve emergence profile, margin design, tissue depth and location.

Cementable and screw retained are available. All abutments have a full manufacturer's warranty.


Affiliated Companies


We are an authorized custom implant design center for all major implant companies.






“We create smiles that last forever”

We are on the cutting edge of technology providing Zirkonzahn technology and custom designed implant abutments from all of the major implant companies


• Zirconia Restorations -  Pretteau by Zirkonzahn

• Porcelain to frame: Zirconia restorations with Vita Porcelain

• Full Zirconia

• PFM Restorations w/Vita Porcelain

• Full Cast Crowns

• Implant Restorations

• Emax Restorations

• Lab designed custom abutments

• Implant restorations, cementable or screw retailed

• e.max crowns and veneers

• Digital impressions: 3m COS Partner Lab & Cadent itero Affiliate Lab

• Custom Milled Provisionals

• Zirkonzahn scanning and milling system

• Zirkonzahn full mouth screw retained restorations

• Custom designed abutments for all major implant companies using 3shape design scanner

• Esthetic Restorations

• Digital Photography

• In house custom shades

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care".





Below are a few of our success stories.



e.max cases

Before & After

5 unit ZirkonZahn Restoration


Previous porcelain to metal crown, restored

with Porcelain to Zirconia


ZirkonZahn Restoration over

Custom Abutments


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310 Simmons Road, Suite E

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